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hesitate to perpetrate unjust, cruel and inhuman deeds. Can
the Goddess of Earth endure them ? Who knows whether a
fate similar to that of the Tripuras will overtake them?"
Thinking in this wise all of them went to their respective

" We left the palace with them, and came out of the city
in the company of fakirs. Then we joined the pilgrims who
were going to Kanaasetu from the BhagirathI, and having
crossed the water (/.&, the river Krsna) in their company we
assumed our normal habiliments and reached the city."

On hearing the news of Ahmadanagara and Grolkoncla from
the spies, Arava Rama and Pakkiri Gopoji, Appaji, Ayyaniarasa,
and Kondamarasa observed to the Raya : " The Mussalman
country is similar to the kingdom of Yam a and their capital
is like the capital of Yama. There can be no doubt that the
inhabitants of that city are the servants of Yama. Having
visited such places as these they obtained after careful investi-
gation information on several topics. By the valour of Your
Majesty, they have returned to the capital, having in the course
of their travels, entered the palaces and dominions of the
Mlecchas and wandered over countries such as Maharastra,
Gujarat and Kanauja where a hundred languages are spoken. Is
it possible for weaklings to travel like this and return (safely) ??>
When the ministers praised, in this manner, the spies employed
by the state, the Raya who was immensely pleased, gave them
each 500 ghats and other gifts (as a mark of his appreciation
of their services) and sentthem away, with instructions to report
to him daily the news of different towns which they may visit.

Rfiyavftcakami pp. 66-60.

The Raya commanded the people  that were about him to
withdraw and  said to his   coiincillors : " You have heard the
news from Bijapur, Ahmadanagara, and G-olkonda.   What is the